Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three months.

Three months ago, I had my very first surgery (well it was three months on April 4th, but I'm a little slow to post), boy was it a doosey! But I came out okay, it was textbook, and have been without complications. Knock on wood.

Everyday hasn't been easy, but overall I've felt awesome! The two week liquid diet before my operation, and subsequent four week liquids after, was a true test of willpower. I'll never forget it. Ever. It was my version of hell on earth, but the funny thing is that, looking back at that time now, it feels like ages ago. And I'm okay that I had to do it.

Its like the sum of all things were okay to get me to the end... And I'm only 3 months out!!! Imagine how I'll feel one year... two years.... five years post-surgery.

Everyone likes to see pictures, to see progress, and although I don't have quite enough guts to post the photo of me pre-op in my tank and boyshorts into the random inter-webs, maybe it will happen oneday.... maybe... a very small maybe! (p.s. I did post this picture on ObesityHelps forum tho, lol!)

Here I am in the hospital... A happy face for a girl so terrified! At this point I had lost 19lbs in the pre-op diet.

The second photo is me just a few weeks ago, taken at a friends baby shower. At this point I'm down a tad more than 60lbs. Its the first time I've worn anything but black in ages!!!


  1. Great job, you look wonderful!

  2. Hi I found your blog from OH! You are doing great!

  3. Wow! You are doing amazing! Looking wonderful.