Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Julie/Julia project for WLS peeps on its way!!!

I made two dishes today from the Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery cookbook: Smoked Porkchops with Pineapple and Creamed Spinach. Reviews, pictures, and general thoughts to come, but it was a good first introduction to cooking with the cookbook, and wanted to quickly share!!!

Since I will be cooking (and eating) from this book in the next coming months, I have to say that it needs a better name... Its long and awkward. I feel like it needs to be shortens to something a bit more catchy, especially if I will by typing the title over and over and over again. Maybe just call it: Eating Well? Or do I shorten it like they do for the How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) television show? Maybe I go all Rachel-Ray on it, like how she calls extra virgin olive oil, EVOO.

The acronym (funny I'm even talking about this after my previous post! ha!) of EWAWLS seems a bit lame. And doesn't flow whatsoever! Maybe just call it Eating Well After WLS? A mix of both?! Ideas?

I will be noshing on leftovers tomorrow, and putting together a blog of the first two recipes!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

NSV? Huh? Um, a whaaatttt.....

Its been driving me batty seeing people say 'NSV' on weight loss surgery blogs/sites/forums/etc... because for the life of me, I couldn't guess what the acronym stood for!

And since it seems everyone throws around NSV-this and NSV-that, I was feeling a bit silly putting myself out there to ask what it meant. In my head I was imagining someone responding: 'Duh, Alissa... you had an RNY and you don't know what NSV stands for?!!'

Thank god for Google... Sort of. It kind of left me bewildered until I realized I should try searching under 'NSV+weight'. Lesson learned, haha!

The first search result stated NSV stood for: Nullsoft Streaming Video. Another result a few links down: Net Sales Value. As I recall, that was a topic I studied in one of my business classes at WAZZU. And the one below that link?

No-Scapel Vasectomy.

Nope, that is definitely not what everyone is talking about when announcing their personal NSV's!!!

Wrong type of surgery. And I'm sure for those of you fellow RNY'ers with Y-chromosomes, you would be pret-ty upset with that type of NSV.

And for those of you who were in the same boat as me, wondering what a 'NSV' is:

It stands for a Non-Scale Victory!

p.s. If you are curious about another acronym I used in this post (WAZZU), it stands for Washington State University... One of the most amazing universities in our lovely country. Go Cougs!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

And.... I'm hovering!

I know, I know...

My pouch isn't broken, its still working, but I have to say I'm incredibly frustrated. I've been reading the OH boards a lot over the last few months, and it seems that every other post was about someone who stopped losing weight. Then I observe that everyone complains about that/those person(s) and say that its a natural part of this process, and to get over it. I understand that, I get it. And I swore to myself that I wouldn't post on the same topic, but here I am (begrudgingly) complaining about it. Granted its my blog, so I can say what I want! :)

My last doctors appointment I weight in at was January 26th, and I haven't lost a single pound for coming up on three weeks. I'm hovering right about the 233lbs range.

Its frustrating.


Yet, I know my body will do what my body needs to do.

And that it will break out of this.

That being said, I think its okay to whine and pout... Even a little bit. I didn't mention anything in my other posts since I was feeling optimistic... but its getting me down a little. And I'm sure it has something to do with my body maybe in starvation mode after weeks of clear liquids and then the past two plus weeks of me introducing soft foods.

Before the surgery, I lived my life without a scale (and subsequently, without any real way to keep me in check!) and now that I feel after this surgery, all I do is live life with the scale. All. The. Time. And since my WLS is pretty much in the open, I have people commenting: How much have you lost? Ohmigod! You look great! I'm really proud of you. Blah. Blah. Blah. Right now all I can focus on is this scale not moving!

Anyway, I just had to vent. Surely I'm not the only one???

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Introducing my very own 'protein station'

I live in an adorable and urban apartment in downtown Olympia. I love everything about our home... minus the kitchen counterspace. This proves a daunting task as protein powder containers are the size of small pets. Our kitchen real estate is a premium, so having giant tubs of the stuff hanging out on the counter tops isn't an option. Especially considering I hate clutter... It drives me nuts! My lovely boyfriend installed a 'protein station' for me, and I wanted to share pictures of this. I think its a pretty awesome set-up... shelves from Ikea and glass containers found at Target... my Blender bottles... its perfect!!!

One thing that drives me batty is having the same thing to eat (or in this case... drink) over and over again, so I'm amassing a collection of protein powders. This allows me to have mulitple mixes, so that I can focus on getting my protein in. I'll admit it, I'm having a hard time getting it all in everyday. Drinking all this protein is a hard task... I feel like its a full time job, and I'm overwhelmed by it! But my goal is to improve each and every day, and having my very own protein bar is a step in the right direction!

In rotation: Syntrax Nectars (in Cappuccino, Natural Fruit Punch, Twisted Cherry, and Lemonade), Unjury's Chicken Soup, and 4EverFit's CranRazz