Saturday, April 23, 2011

I heart Fla-Vor-Ice SUGAR FREE freezer pops!!!

Summer's coming and in previous years, John and I would buy one of those giant boxes of OtterPops and freeze them. Then obessively eat them. Okay, I would eat them obessively, but who's judging?

Something about OtterPops just reminds me of being a kid. Nothing is better than a frozen OtterPop on a hot and unbearable summer day. ( the Pacific Northwest it must be mentioned that we have, like maybe, ten days like that a year, don't tease, lol!)

Anyway, I was bummed thinking that low and behold, these frozen treats would be added to my 'do not eat' list.

That is.... until....

I was at Walgreens last night and found Fla-Vor-Ice Light (& Sugar Free!) freezer pops. It made my night, so much so, that I had John take my picture with the yet-frozen-fresh-out-of-the-box pops (see below).

You would have thought I had met Bradley Cooper or some other celebrity at Walgreens, I was THAT EXCITED! If you are like me and miss OtterPops, and live near a Walgreens: go now! The containers are definitely smaller than the traditional OtterPops you'll see everywhere, but Walgreens had them on special for $1/box. Each box has 16 freezer pops. Here is a photo of the packaging so its easier to track down:

The best thing, was they actually tasted pretty darn good! It freakin' made my night and I just wanted to share!

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