Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decorating the shower walls... with hair?

I just pulled out an extraordinary amount of hair while showering. Extraordinary.
My hair is still in one of those twisty turban things as I write this. I am that freaked out. I mean I knew it would happen, and it has been happening... but... wow...

I'm going to up my intake of protein shakes. I think that will help in the long-term. Any other advice?

My hair has always been extremely thick, long, but fine... And I'm a little scared at the prospect that my pouch and my hair just don't get along!

Why can't it fall out of say... my legs! I hate shaving my legs! Armpits too, for that matter.

Off to work, I go. Sigh.


  1. I'm with you girl. I was totally prepared, or so I thought. I'm a hair stylist too and have clients who have had the surgery and I KNEW what to expect....still freaks me out though. I'm taking Biotin to help with regrowth but not sure anything will help with the fallout...just have to live through it and hope for the best.

  2. I just started taking biotin and am also decorating my walls. Not all alone!

  3. I second the biotin - so far, if anything, mine has gotten thicker since my surgery - and it's grown 2 inches. But I'm only a little over a month post-op. Hopefully, it stays that way - but at least if I do start to lose it, it's thicker and longer than what I started with. My hair has NEVER grown 2 inches in a month. Good luck!

  4. Oh how I can relate.. I shed like a mother! I've always been a shedder but the amount that I shed right now is ALARMING! I went to get my hair colored yesterday for my wedding and said to my hair dresser that I feel like I am going bald.. she assured me not bald spots that I'm losing from all over.. she mentioned she could definitely feel the difference in thickness though.... *sigh* I take biotin and hoping that helps with the new growth.

    LOL.. your comment about hair on the legs and arms made me laugh.. I hate shaving and have the same thought!

  5. Phew, ladies, I am glad I am not alone! It sounds like we are all taking the Biotin (I even started 2 months prior) to help. Unfortunately, I heard that helps with the regrowth and not stopping it from falling out. Frustrating! And I thought I was prepared, but seeing all that hair in the drain can never really prepare us post-wls!