Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pouch-friendly drinks, yum!

I love when going to the grocery store (in my case, the local Fred Meyers) and finding a product that is friendly to the pouch.

It seems like I'm somewhat obessed with finding the perfect low-sugar/no-sugar drink to quench my thirst. I find water boring on most days, honestly. Sometimes its ready-to-drink protein drinks, Gatorade G2, Trop50, or the current favorite: diet Snapple.

Today, I found two things I'm itching to try when I get home:

(MiO liquid Fruit Punch, its super tiny and you add a squirt to 8 ounces of water. I'm facinated by it! It was the tiniest bottle, its like pouch-friendly flavored extract! The Fred Meyer's had four different flavor options: Fruit Punch, Berry Pomagranate, Strawberry Watermelon, & Peach Tea.)

(This instantly made me think of the Cherry Limeades from Sonic. Some days I really miss those sickly sweet carbonated drinks, but am much happier with my new self, so I guess going without is okay. I kind of hope it tastes like the stuff at Sonic! I was thinking of filling up a giant cup with blended ice chips - refreshing!)

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  1. I love, love , love the new MiO! Great stuff! So far, I like the Mango Peach flavor the best. It's totally not what I expected - it's much better!