Monday, July 25, 2011

A pouch-worthy solution to popcorn, hurray!!!

This weekend I packed in two summer blockbusters: Harry Potter and Captain America.

And before getting to the theater, I had flashbacks of my horrible popcorn incident (two or three posts ago, I believe)....

I had read on another blog some time ago about Gerber Graduates Puffs (flavors like Cherry, Strawberry Banana and Sweet Potato) and decided to pack them in my purse.

And they were fabulous!!!

Nevermind, I'm eating something designed for a toddler, I actually found it perfect for my pouch. A bit of crunch, one gram of sugar for a 1/2 cup, and since they are made for those kiddos new to solids, I found they would dissolve while chewing and wouldn't bother my tiny tummy too much!

As Martha Stewart would say, they are a definite "good thing!"

And, I got to practice my purse smuggling techniques - $5 for a water that costs $1?! Ridiculous!!! Good thing I don't consume soda pop and boxes of movie theater candy... It saved a small fortune, and allowed John and I to see two movies over the weekend.

p.s. Chris Evans is so swoon-worthy, I'm just thrownin' that out there. Ha!


  1. OMG BRILLIANT!!! I wouldn't have even thought about puffs! When I worked at the daycare, I would munch on them ... lol... I'm personally a fan of the sweet potato ones.

    SOOO smart!

  2. I love the sweet potato ones too! Yum!!!