Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just me, my smart phone.... And size 10 jeans!

This is my first blog post I'm attempting from my (fairly) new smart phone. Since I'm typing letters in with my right index finger, it reminds me of the old days before I learned how to properly type on a keyboard. Needless to say, its a bit annoying.

I have a feeling that as well as being my debut post via smart phone, it will also be my last!

This weekend was a busy, interesting one that was filled with lots of highs. But before you think that I'm doing all great and peachy, I will admit to the great, vast internet one of my biggest fails: I've purchased and smoked cigarettes.

Yes. I know...... I knnnnooooowwwww. In my defense, in this post-surgery world, I'm having a difficult time dealing with stress, and falling back on some bad habits. Especially since I can't turn to my best friend and habit: food and over-eating it.

Now that we have established that I'm not perfect (ha!), I do want to share the good things that have been going on in my life:

•I'm nearing the big 100 pounds lost! Currently weighing in at 174lbs... Four pounds away!!!

•My shoe size hasn't changed, tho I fit into size 10 jeans. A first for my adult life (see picture below!)

•I had a few other items to share, but honestly with typing this into a smart phone and it going so awkwardly, I forgot my ENTIRE train of thought.

Goodnight for now,  in the meantime... Me and my size 10's.... Yipee!!!


  1. Awesome job! When I hit 10's I the dressing room..making a little one cry. I was so excited! Looking forward to reading about your journey!

  2. Thank you! Although the hurdle from 10's to 8's is a big leap... Those suckers are TIGHT!!!

    I'm gonna wait a while until even thinking of putting on a pair of 8's, hehehe!