Thursday, May 5, 2011

So long, internet. Helllooooo, labs!

Sorry that I've been so MIA the past week plus... Sadly, the free internet I was 'borrowing' from my neighbor in downtown Olympia, is no more. Hehehe. But I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do it for over a year (even watching Netflix movies!!!).

Sigh. Back to Comcast or something rediculous. Having been without cable/internet/landline for over a year has really helped the bottom line, and something I will probably not get anytime soon - I hated paying Comcast $130/month for that package. On my paultry Starbucks salary... that is a lot of money for this girl!

Anyway, things are going well. I'm getting my blood drawn next week for my first labs appointment since the surgery. Honestly, I haven't been 100% about the protein shakes but have followed the protein-first rule; so I'm hoping it turns out okay. Its hard to do the 3 shakes a day, phew!

I feel like on some days I need a second stomach (much like a cow) that is designated just for protein shakes... And a third for the flippin' vitamins! Those fill me up too! I've been pretty good about my vitamins too, sure there have been days I've forgotten but overall I've been proud of myself. The only area there, that I really need to improve on, is taking my multiple doses of calcium and my second multi... Sometimes I forget those too.

So with my labs appointment coming up, I am getting that anxious feeling in my stomach.... errr.... pouch. I feel like I'm taking a test that I can't study for, if that makes sense. One that I'm hoping I will pass! That is truly the best way I can describe it.

On a positive, or at least, less anxious note, my scale has started moving again!!! Although the past two weeks I haven't lost a lot of weight, I think its been a lot of inches - because people keep commenting on it.

I did hit a couple cool milestones I wanted to share:

-I officially weigh less than my boyfriend, John. (I say official because it was on three consecutive days, so I told him that meant it was official!)
-I had to go into my smaller sized clothes section in my closet... On a whim I tried on the slacks I wore for my college graduation (10 years ago!) and they fit!!! Granted, I was overweight then, but I don't care. Its still a cool thing to say.
-Finally, third and most coolest - I don't weigh in the 200's anymore! I've been jumping around 196/197 for several days.

Overall, its been a good week. Still again, nervous about labs! And I just found out the family is throwing my mom (who turns 62 on May 31st) a 'Welcome to Social Security' birthday party on June 4th.

I find it funny and ironic because even tho it is her birthday BBQ, it will be my 'coming out' party of sorts as a lot of friends and family have only had updates on Facebook and over the phone - not in person! And the crazy thing is that it will be my six month surgiversary, as my pouch was created on January 4th!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last parts of Spring. I will update soon, or post something wildly funny, ha!



  1. Good luck with your labs! I was really nervous about my first ones too. On the other hand, it was nice to know exactly where I stood and what I needed to work on. The wondering was driving me batty!

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  3. Good luck!! We don't have cable either! We got rid of it this year and it was the best thing! We watch our shows through our roku box which streams hulu plus.. LOVE IT!

    Congrats on making it into onderland!