Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Fair food" - who knew?!

This past weekend, the weather was a bit iffy in Olympia, but I had a fabulous Saturday!

It was a rare Saturday, one that John and I both had off. It was a spur of the moment kind of day, so unfortunately, no camera. (Thank god for Google pictures, right!) We spent the day enjoying walks and errands: taking my mothers adorable Bloodhound for a meandering walk at Tumwater Falls Park, then to downtown Olympia, where the annual Wooden Boat Festival was happening.

(This is what a portion of the Tumwater Falls looks like, it is near the site of the original Olympia Brewery for Olympia Beer.)

Here we are, walking around looking at the booths and these gorgeous boats... and of course, I'm spying the typical 'fair food' of burgers, funnel cakes, corndogs, and soda. I was a bit sad, because in the past we would share a corndog and a big Coke, even a big shaved ice... With some super-sugary syrup.

But then, walking past the shaved ice booth... they had a sign. Stopped me dead in my tracks: they offered a small selection of sugar free syrups for the shaved ice!

We shared the most fabulous shaved ice, that looked really similar to the picture at the start of my post... And it was soooo tasty, and only $3 bucks! Sugar-free Watermelon, sugar-free Lime, and sugar-free Rasberry, oh my!

Its amazing, some days I feel so alien with this pouch of mine... then something small and simple will happen to make my day. That day, it was the sugar-free flavored shaved ice.

(A stock photo of the marina in downtown Olympia. This boat featured is called the Sandman; Olympia's most famous Wooden Boat, its over 100 years old and in beautiful condition!)

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