Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ten Pounds.

Yup, just a measly ten pounds away...

From weighing less than my boyfriend, John!

Yesterday we both got on the scale, I'm at 213lbs and he is at 204lbs. Soooo close! And with me starting a gym work out 1-1/2 weeks ago, I feel like I'm on a good roll to weighing less than him very shortly!!! I can't wait for this NSV! (See below posts if you are not familar with this term.)

We've been dating for four years and I've never weighed less than him - ever!!! This calls for a celebration, but I'm not sure what?

I need to start brainstorming a good way to celebrate! He's just as excited for me, which is totally refreshing. He really is amazing. I guess I shouldn't try and sabotage him by buying him Costco-sized bags of Doritos. I'm joking... Well, sort of! They are his kryptonite, lol!

 Surely I can hit this goal in the next month. Yippeeeeeeee!


It has now been nearly one month since posting this, and although I'm sad to say that I haven't beaten John, we are now only 2 pouds away from me weighing less that him. It will happen any day. We started thinking of was to celebrate it. The old us would go out to dinner, maybe the movies with a tub of butter popcorn, or a drunken bar night with friends. We finally found a proper way to celebrate it: John and I will be renting kayaks from Boston Harbor Marina, and have a little outting on the gorgeous inlets and waters of Puget Sound! Its healthy. And plus, I figure that way this reward isn't food related!!!