Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Da Na Na Na Na Na Nah

Yesterday I realized that my upper arms are getting a bit floppy. (For that matter, my whole body!) Its like, at my highest weight, I was a balloon... My skin was tight and stretched to its max, and now that balloon is being deflated.

I see bat-wings in my future.

Then I had a revelation that made me laugh out loud so hard. So much so, my fellow partner (Starbucks for employee) asked me what was so funny!

Embracing all the changes coming to my body with this surgery, bat-wings and all: I'll be doing the most badass 'Chicken Dance' at weddings this summer!!!



  1. LOL! That is how I feel lately and I am 50# down also!! I also have this ring around my belly that is getting some extra skin.. yippeee!