Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And... she's off!

For the past few weeks I've been seriously thinking of joining a gym... Sure, I have options of walking around downtown Olympia or riding my Townie (most amazing bicycle ever!)... but I've been thinking that I need to be accountable. Gyms do that. It gives me a reason to get off my butt and exercise. Call it my competitive streak!

In high school and a bit of college, I did some weight training, so I feel somewhat comfortable on the machines at gyms. Then again, I graduated high school in 1997, making that nothing to brag about. It is also sad to admit that its been about four years since I've had a gym membership (adding to my overall fat-ness!)

Yesterday, the guy and I toured our local 24-Hour Fitness. Having such an oddball schedule at 'Bux (one day I'll be opening at 4am and the next night I'll be scheduled to close until 10pm) makes for a horrible routine, and I was attracted to the idea that I can work out any time of the day I wanted too. For someone who is also very self-conscious (i.e. ME!) its awesome to go at 11pm - when there are barely any other members there. Added bonus: 24-Hour Fitness & Starbucks have teamed up to give partners a better rate and no joining fee. Score!

And the shoes! Oh, I treated myself to a fancy pair of gym shoes yesterday to go along with my membership. For my first work out they were lovely... and much better than the pair that I've had since... well, since... probably 1997! Ha!

And so begins the next chapter of my weight loss journey... I'm off and running! Not literally, figuratively, but maybe one day literally!!!


  1. Great job!!! I leave a gym bag full of gym clothes in my car, so I have no excuse on the way home from work... now i just have to remember to keep the gym bag in the car lol. Great job on this first step! Let us know how your first work out goes :)

  2. LOL.. I do the same thing Sam does.. if I don't I'm tempted to stay home and not head back out. The weather has been gorgeous here though so I've been taking advantage of that and going for long walks with the pups.. soon enough it'll be 100* here with high humidity and I'll be begging for the gym then.. lol

    Congrats on making that first step to the gym. If they offer classes like Zumba or Body Pump I recommend them!