Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fourty days.

I thought that eating my first food after surgery would have more fanfare, more excitment, almost a celebratory experience to it. Like when they bring a cake with a candle in it, to your birthday dinner at a restaurant.

Instead, it was more of a thud. Granted, a tasty thud, but still, bittersweet.

Two weeks prior to surgery, I started a clear liquid diet... As you all know, each surgeon's program is diffirent and I swear that my doctor is the most super-strict of them all! Its not until four weeks following surgery that we start our soft foods/pureed foods stage (for me, this coming Tuesday), so I've been on clear liquids... this.... entire... time...

Well after my less than stellar performance at work, and my dizzy spells and faintness (I'm sure due to lack of not eating anything since December 19th), I made the decision that I needed to try a little something to give me a bit more energy. Water, protein shakes, huge amounts of vitamins, and sugar-free popcicles just weren't cutting it. Fourty days, my friends, nothing of substance had passed my lips for fourty days!

After coming home from work five hours early yesterday, I pureed 1/4 cup of Split Pea Soup and warmed it up. Slowly I ate each bite and it was the most delicious thing that I have ever tasted!!!

Needless to say, I felt guilty not waiting until Tuesday. I'll admit it. But I'm not going to let this get me down, I know I need to listen to my body. But I still feel horrible by not following the exact instructions of my WLS program. Thankfully, today at work, I did not have any dizzy spells or feeling of faintness, and I trully think its because I had another 1/4 cup of Split Pea Soup about 2 hours before working today. It sat well in my new pouch, with I was so excited for!

After work, I went to my moms house... that four hours of work felt like fourteen!!! Exhausted, I made myself 'dinner': another 1/4 cup serving, but this time of cottage cheese.

Best cottage cheese I've ever tasted! Delish! Yum-o! Bon appetit!

So, there you go... These are first things ever in my pouch. And my pouch liked 'em!!!

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  1. don't beat yourself up! I'm surprised your surgeon had you on clear liquid for that long. Mine was 10 days, then full liquids, then soft foods. It's your journey and you should do what works for you! I remember my first non liquid food being cottage cheese and it was the best thing ever, lol