Sunday, February 13, 2011

NSV? Huh? Um, a whaaatttt.....

Its been driving me batty seeing people say 'NSV' on weight loss surgery blogs/sites/forums/etc... because for the life of me, I couldn't guess what the acronym stood for!

And since it seems everyone throws around NSV-this and NSV-that, I was feeling a bit silly putting myself out there to ask what it meant. In my head I was imagining someone responding: 'Duh, Alissa... you had an RNY and you don't know what NSV stands for?!!'

Thank god for Google... Sort of. It kind of left me bewildered until I realized I should try searching under 'NSV+weight'. Lesson learned, haha!

The first search result stated NSV stood for: Nullsoft Streaming Video. Another result a few links down: Net Sales Value. As I recall, that was a topic I studied in one of my business classes at WAZZU. And the one below that link?

No-Scapel Vasectomy.

Nope, that is definitely not what everyone is talking about when announcing their personal NSV's!!!

Wrong type of surgery. And I'm sure for those of you fellow RNY'ers with Y-chromosomes, you would be pret-ty upset with that type of NSV.

And for those of you who were in the same boat as me, wondering what a 'NSV' is:

It stands for a Non-Scale Victory!

p.s. If you are curious about another acronym I used in this post (WAZZU), it stands for Washington State University... One of the most amazing universities in our lovely country. Go Cougs!


  1. I have to admit I was stumped as well when I started reading WLS blogs. There seem to be a lot of acronyms in our everyday world. I think it is kind of like text-speak. Anyway... you are not alone!

    P.S. Hope the scale moves for you ASAP (ha! another acronym!)

  2. I thought it was new small victory. hahaha. i didn't know it was non scale victory. hahahaa.

  3. Thank You!! Ive so been reading that everywhere and had no idea!!! lol